Exchange the world


   What is it?


– Scope (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange) organizes exchanges every year. In 1951, a student exchange program was set up by the IFMSA Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE). Five years later, 11 countries and 906 students participated in clinical exchanges. In 2009, nearly 8,000 students from some 90 countries went on internships all around the world.

For a few years now in Morocco, and thanks to the clinical exchange committee (active in the 5 faculties),more than one hundred students leave each year in professional exchange, and as many students are received in the five faculties of medicine in Morocco . This extraordinary experience allows medical students throughout the kingdom to discover medicine in all its aspects (the health system, the medical education system …), to acquire new skills and professional knowledge, and to discover the world in all of its richness.

– Score (Standing Committee on Research Exchange) organizes interesting exchanges every year in a research environment. Each year, more than fifty students from Morocco take part in this international experience thus allowing them to discover medicine in another aspect: RESEARCH. Thus, through this program, students will be able to get acquainted with  working in the laboratory and, and discover an extraordinary educational experience, which will undoubtedly be able to serve them during their professional career.

There are two parts that participate in this exchange: Incomings (IN): Medical  exchange students who come to Morocco, in one of the Moroccan hospitals of the 5 cities (Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez and Oujda.)Outgoings (OUT): Moroccan medical students who leave for a 4-week exchange in a given country.Our mission :The two committees aim to give medical students around the world the opportunity to participate in an IFMSA professional exchange program, to offer an educational and cultural experience that goes beyond the framework of the regular medical curriculum and to enable medical students to learn about different forms of medical practice and health issues in a country other than their own. How long does a SCOPE exchange or a SCORE exchange take? An exchange in the IFMSA program lasts 4 weeks, according to the conditions of each host country (schedules, guards, objectives …)

National team SCOPE / SCORE mandate 2017-2018: The national team of each of the two committees is made up of « National Officers » as well as « Local Officers » for each city.




NEO-IN : Houria EL YAZIDI NORE: Imane Katir
NEO-OUT: Maha Laouadi



Rabat : LEO-IN : Badr Srhir

LEO-out : Ilias Hmaidouch

 Mamoun Diouri
Casablanca: Leo-IN: Salma Bouzoubaa


Fedoua Mouhie-Eddine
Marrakech: LEO-IN: Oumayma El Mansouri

LEO-OUT: Yasmine Fouali

Oujda: LEO: Youssef Bensalah
Fès: LEO: Nada Hmamed Maha Tachaouine

Our goals: – Academic quality: first and foremost, it is a set of processes whose main goal is the knowledge, and this knowledge acquired through our exchanges defines the success and the credibility of the SCOPE or SCORE program. We guarantee that  through:1. A handbook / logbook for each internship, that has to be sealed and signed by the chief of the department, the doctor tutor, residents or interns of the department in which he (she) carried out his internship, in order to receive a certificate.2. The exchange certificate: (stamped by chief of the Department, the Local Officer of the host country and the local officer of the country of origin) certifying that the student has completed his internship.3. Workshops sutures, plasters, ECG.4. Trainings (UAT) at the arrival of our incomings to prepare them for what awaits them in our country, our hospitals and our faculties5. Trainings (PDT) for our students who go on an exchange to help them prepare for their experiences.6. Round tables discussing public health issues, the health system of our country as well as the country of our incomings.7. Introduction of global health as a major theme in our exchanges through various local projects (In preparation)NB: The exchange student will be able to receive his certificate only if the logbook is sealed and after a report of his exchange has been sent to our officers.